I found the course to very relaxed and enjoyable while providing great insight, tips and experience of the pattern cutting process. I loved the fact that I got to experiment, to test and learn. And for me, the course had great flexibility as I was able to create a bespoke pattern with great guidance.

Darren Giles, London

I attended Rebecca's leather sewing school for one day to do the clutch and barbour bags. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I'm amazed that I could make such professional looking bags in such a short space of time and to come away with 2 fantastic items and lots of new skills was just great! Rebecca is a fantastic teacher and has obviously loads of experience in leather work so it's wonderful of her to pass her knowledge on!  I'll definitely be back to take on something more challenging!  Thanks Rebecca. 

Alison Dwight, Yorkshire

The 3.5 hour Clutch Bag Course is a great introduction into working with leather or a good way to improve and progress some sewing skills that you may already have. Rebecca has fantastic knowledge and delivers instructions in a warm and patient manner. I’m hoping that I can work with her again soon.

Iyesha, Brighton

I wanted to learn about handsewing leather and your workshop covered all the techniques.  Coming away with a finished key purse was a bonus and it's now in daily use.  I was surprised and very pleased that we started right at the beginning with the design process and followed through to the finished product.  Along the way learning about selecting the leather, marking, punching, glueing, sewing, finishing and also about the tools and materials available.  Your handout is also very useful.  You're a great teacher - very patient and clear.

Lynne Friel, Chichester

I have just spent three very happy days on Rebecca’s 1-2-1 course. I had a really amazing time and still can’t quite believe I have two beautiful new bags one of which was made from scratch with my own design idea. Rebecca is an inspiring and brilliant teacher with lots of patience and I cannot wait to return and learn some more.

Heather Wood 

Can't recommend this highly enough. My husband and I did the 3 day course.  I left with a fabulous large lined handbag with an external and an internal pocket and a matching zipped clutch.  Husband learned about pattern design and also came away with a really stunning bag.  Rebecca was calm, helpful and a joy to be with.  We both developed new skills and left with our bags, our patterns and the confidence to carry on.  The workshop is ideally situated with an M and S food shop and fresh coffee kiosk up the road.  Perfect.

Di Batchelor, 

Just wanted to say that I thought both of the classes I attended were amazing, they really inspired me and taught me a lot. You gave lots of guidance without taking over and even when I managed to make a mistake in the small space of independence you always managed to find a resolution which is also a great part of learning! You were also so approachable outside of the class and I really appreciated your advice and support when trying to buy a machine of my own. Thank you for 2 fun days of learning, would love to come back!
Steph Woods, Surrey
"As an already experienced leather worker I wanted to develop my skills and creativity into bag-making. I came across Rebecca-Jane's Leather School online and liked the option to be able to have a 3-day, 1-2-1 tuition, along with her background in fashion and bag design. Rebecca was totally open to structure my 3 days with her to do what I wanted. I felt I needed to concentrate more on the practical aspects of design, template-making and construction, rather than developing my brand. Rebecca's easygoing style of tuition was perfect for me, as we explored my design ideas and developed them. At the same time, she explained the technical aspects in a way that was easy to follow. I now have three amazing bags as well as new skills to take away and continue developing. Rebecca's enthusiasm for her craft is infectious, if you want to learn from the best, you've come to the right place!"
Graham Richards, Shropshire
I attended the 2 day Leather bag making workshop and found it a fantastic experience!  Rebecca has so much expertise and patience you can't fail to make something beautiful!  Working with leather was completely new to me and I was dubious that my first attempt would be anything to write home about ... I was more hoping to gain valuable  experience on the technical aspects of sewing with leather and leave with more confidence than I arrived with!  BUT I got it all .... Experience, confidence, expert tuition, encouragement of my design AND the most gorgeous bag which I've already had many fantastic comments on!  I took advantage of the 'materials package' and was really impressed at the quality of materials offered and the flexibility to use various items to suit my design needs.  I cannot recommend Rebecca-Jane's courses highly enough ... I will certainly be back for more!!
Cathy, Hampton Court

“I recently attended Rebecca’s vintage bag workshop and had a fantastic day. So much so that time just shot by and it was all over way too soon. Rebecca has lots of knowledge and enthusiasm and is more than happy to answer questions and offer help where required. I came away with a beautiful creation which has been much admired since and my next stop is a return visit for the pattern making class, so I’ll be back!”

Beverley, West Sussex

I did the 2 day bag making course with Bex and I loved it.  She is a patient and generous teacher who shared her knowledge and experience easily, giving great feedback all the way through.  She had some great suggestions to improve my idea and showed me every step patiently.  It is hard work physically and mentally to produce leather bags and  concentrate on learning and Bex provided lots of very welcome cups of tea, kind words and expert guidance.
Bex’s workshop is in the perfect setting with everything you need on hand, which made it a relaxed and creative space to work in. I am absolutely thrilled with the bag I managed to make and it is even better than I could have imagined.  I can’t recommend this course and Bex as a teacher highly enough.
Louise, Wiltshire
What a fantastic and productive 3 days I had. Simply love my bag which would never have happened without your skill, expertise and persistence.  My husband Noel was really impressed too. The bag had its first outing today and it got many admiring glances!  I will obviously spread the word!  I love working with you and love the fascinating world of leather and handbag design - there is so much to learn.  You are a great teacher, very patient and always have the canny knack of putting right our little mistakes!  I will definitely be back in due course. You have a great product and really wish you the every success in your RJ adventure. Please do keep in touch.
Much love
Debs x
Deborah kavanagh, New Forest
I have been meaning to write a note to you for some time now, but I kept getting distracted and today I'm doing a bit of work constructing a business plan around dog coats. As I am writing the business plan I am acutely aware of how much more confidence I have after spending the two with you in your workshop. You have shown me to how create something that is top-knotch and it really makes my dream of being a designer so much more realistic. I feel much more in control of planning my approach etc. because my mindset is confident, and this is largely your influence. You have are so talented and have such awesome skills. Thanks for taking the time to share them with me. Your workshop gave me so much more than a couple of product samples; it has given me the ability to see how I can really make something out of this. Hope to work with you again soon in the future!
Hayley Whitfield-Whythe, New York
I loved the course and Rebecca really gives you the one to one time you need. she really cares how your product will turn out rather than just wanting you to create any item. I’ve taken 2 courses and hope to take more in the future and highly recommend others interested to do so too.
I left my contract to focus on this and other projects I have and hope they are successful. I just couldn’t stand the rat race any longer!
Emdad, East London
Rebecca-Jane's 2 day handbag course was a really enjoyable experience from beginning to end. Rebecca couldn't have been more helpful from the moment I booked the course to getting the train home. She was very flexible with the dates and I even got a taxi service thrown in!
The studio is in a lovely setting and I enjoyed the generous baked pototoes for lunch each day from the local café! But most of all I loved how at ease she made me feel and catered for all the things I really wanted to get out of the course. Rebecca's friendly nature meant I felt very comfortable with asking her any questions and we got on very well. She was very helpful and knowledgeable about her craft which was particularly inspiring.
I would (and have) recommend her courses to anyone interested in creating beautiful bags or accessories out of leather!
Thanks again
Rosanna Gethin, Switzerland
Before doing a handbag making course I had some knowledge of how handbags are put together. After attending Rebecca-Jane's 2 day course, It has given me the confidence to improve my skills and get to the next level with my bag making projects.
Rebecca has been truly amazing. She has given me so much valuable advice and she is a very patient and friendly teacher. 
Yuke Bowles, Oxfordshire
'Rebecca-Jane's belt making course is everything I hoped for and much more.

The workshop is in a beautiful setting and Rebecca's welcome was very warm. I had an inkling of what to expect in the lead up to the course when Rebecca dealt with the necessary admin patiently and efficiently going out of her way to accommodate me wherever possible.

I had been looking to make a belt with some buckles that I had put aside specifically for the purpose some time ago so the course was the fruition of a long-held goal. I not only achieved my goal of making the exact belt that I had had in my mind under Rebecca's skilled and patient tuition but also a collar for my beloved dog.

I was impressed by Rebecca's responsive to queries and her obvious expertise and I greatly benefitted from the one on one bespoke tuition. I am thrilled with my output as a result of the one day belt-making course. As a complete novice I don't believe I would have been able to learn as much & produce such a high standard of product at any of the rival courses currently available in the London and greater London area.

I had a wonderful time on the belt-making course and left on a high of enthusiasm and knowledge that has stayed with me.

Thank you  Rebecca Jane'
Gemma Ball, East London
As a complete novice, attending a one day belt making course at Rebecca-Jane was a good experience. I now have a belt I enjoy wearing and learnt new skills and techniques. Rebecca had a great teaching style, very knowledgeable but also easy going. Thanks Becks.
James Peters, Auckland, New Zealand
I had the most fantastic day at Rebecca Janes's workshop making my bag - I learnt to work with leather which proved to be much easier than I had expected and came away with a really fashionable and useful bag which everyone admires - and feel I have made a new friend - I hope to join Rebecca again on another course in the future.
Chriss Stringer, West Sussex
I really enjoyed the beginners sewing course I attended a few weeks ago.  I had recently brought a second hand Janome sewing machine and I was having trouble using it because it didn't have an instruction book.  Rebecca has a similar machine so she was able to give me loads of helpful tips along with a spare instruction book she had!  I loved learning how to cut materials properly and sewing the leather components to my bag.  I have using my handbag ever since I made it and I have received loads of compliments about it! no one can quite believe I chose the fabrics and made it myself!  Its really good quality and the leather Rebecca provided makes the bag feel really sturdy.  I would highly recommend this beginners course to anyone who is bored of buying off the peg handbags and would like to learn the basic skills of sewing their own.
Jenny Ulyet, Godalming Surrey
I thoroughly enjoyed the two day leather handbag course. I came with almost zero sewing experience and left with a handmade leather handbag! I was so pleased with my achievement, which was all thanks to the expert and patient guidance of my tutor, Rebecca. The ambience of the course was really lovely and I would highly recommend it to others. Five stars!
Jo Kiely, Watford

I had a brilliant three day course with Rebecca and came away with a leather bag that was way beyond my wildest expectations! We covered so much stuff and Rebecca is both extremely knowledgeable and generous with that knowledge. I thoroughly recommend the courses – they are fun, fascinating and amazingly informative.
Susie Ferguson, Sevenoaks
Thank you for such a great 2 days! I am amazed at the bag I managed to produce; and very grateful that you have so much patience. You have a great workshop space and I really loved how you encouraged the bag design to evolve based on 'treasures' I found in your fabric bins. Thank you for being a great teacher.
Sarah Frodsham-Budd, London
I very much enjoyed the bag making course! Surrounded by trees and other artist workshops, Rebeccas studio was so cozy and inspiring. Rebecca is a very nice person and easy to speak with and she teaches you helpful things about bags and leather. I had a wonderful time and would make another bag with her right away. Thank you Rebecca for this wonderful experience!
Bettina Gubler, Zurich
As a complete beginner in bag making I found this course the ideal introduction. Rebecca is an excellent teacher and shares her expertise in an easygoing and patient manner. The location is gorgeous and is a joy to work in. Not only was the course hugely enjoyable but I now also have a fabulous clutch. It was a great sense of achievement.  I would highly recommend the course.
Catherine Gunning, Ireland
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